About Us

About Kiru India

Kiru India provides the Metal Cutting Tools that are second to none. It is our commitment to customer service that sets us apart from every one else.

We have a world wide network that provides us the strength of sourcing best quality products from best suppliers all over the world with highly competitive prices.

Our customers face ever increasing competitive pressures and volatile business climates. Since product cost and on-time delivery are vital to success, many customers have learned that partnering with Kiru India as their supplier gives them the competitive advantage they need to reduce cost and improve their bottom line.

Our customers, large or small, count on our ability to deliver products, information, and assistance in a timely manner. At Kiru India we are very responsive to our customer needs, which save your time & confusion and assure the personal attention you deserve.

We offer the flexibility to provide our customers with the product form they need to meet their unique specifications.

Professional competence, combined with high-quality products, has led us to our present position as one of the leading supplier of Metal Cutting Products in the Indian market. We are committed to utilizing the latest advancements in technology to enhance our service, sales and distribution efforts.