Round Tools

Round Tools

Solid Carbide End Mills

Extremely wide range of Solid Carbide End Mills with many grades and geometries for various Milling Applications.

  • HN Series – Microfine substrate with special TiSiN coating for high hardened materials upto 68 HRC.
  • FN Series – Microfine substrate with TiSiN coating for Hard Die Steels upto 60 HRC.
  • AA Series – Mixed Grain size substrate with TiSiN coating for economical solution of Die Steel machining upto 55 HRC.
  • EN Series – Mixed Grain size substrate with AlTiN coating forgeneral purpose machining below 40 HRC materials.

Solid Carbide Drills

Wide range of Solid Carbide Drills for various Drilling Applications.???

  • GCD Series – Economical general purpose drills for multi grade material drilling application.
  • CDG Series – Precision drills for various materials.
  • CDF Series – Solution for drilling at high feed.
  • CDS Series – Wear resistant solution for drilling Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys.
  • CDA Series – Polished Carbide for Non-ferrous drilling applications.
  • CDC Series – Drilling solution for composite materials.
  • CDM Series – Extra long drilling solution
  • CDH Series – Drilling possibility for Hardened material upto 65 HRC.

Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Thread Milling Solutions for small size threads.

Solid Carbide Reamers & Customize Tools

  • Tailor made Reamers, Step Drills, Combination Tools.
  • Solutions against customer requirement.

HSS-PM End Mills & Drills

HSS Powder Metallurgy Solution for tough Drilling and End Milling requirements.


HSS-PM Taps for most common sizes with very competitive price.