PCBN & PCD Inserts

PCBN & PCD Inserts

PCBN Inserts

PCBN Inserts for all requirements of Hard Steel Turning with grinding finish & Cast Iron high speed Turning.

  • CB300, CB400 ??? PCBN Grades for wide range of turning applications like Speed Gear Bore & Face, High accuracy turning & boring of Hardened Steels.
  • CB200 ??? PCBN Grade for Finish turning of Alloy Steel & Cast Iron materials.
  • CB700, CB900 – Solid CBN Grades for medium to rough turning of various hardened, chilled Cast Iron and Cast Iron high speed machining applications.

PCD Inserts

PCD Inserts for super surface finish along with excellent wear resistant at extremely high cutting speed for Aluminium components.

  • PD100, PD200 ??? PCD Grades below 1 micron Substrate with Sharp edge for high speed turning and milling application of Aluminium alloys.
  • PD300 ??? PCD Grade with mixed grain size substrate for wide range of Turning & Milling applications of Aluminium Alloys.